I never got noticed.  Even in school, I was the last one picked for teams.  I didn’t date; didn’t attend my high school prom or even my graduation.  No one even noticed.  So when a handsome man finally noticed me, it felt good.  He showered me with compliments, called often and seemed like a dream come true.

Until he introduced me to drugs.

I was a naïve middle class single mother.  I didn’t even know what crack cocaine looked like.  I definitely didn’t know the powerful addictive chokehold it would have on me.  I lost my family, my job, my home … everything.  Then I ended up in prison.  Twice.  Because I didn’t learn the first time that it’s more than just not using drugs, it’s having a strong support system, self-confidence and the belief that there’s hope.  Its because of my faith and the people who believed in me and inspired me that I’ve been in recovery for 8 years, have my own home, a good job and spend time with my family.

You can help women like me overcome tremendous obstacles and turn their lives around by surrounding themselves with strong role models who will help them find jobs, housing and encourage them every step of the way.