Women’s Wellness Foundation is a vibrant, faith-based, all volunteer mission and ministry that serves women in crisis during transition. We provide invaluable mentoring, resource linkage and a clean & sober home, Dinami House, for women who are reorienting to the community after incarceration, who may also have addiction challenges. We also supply basic and essential items like clothing, feminine & hygiene products, toiletries and miscellaneous items. Our services are available to any woman in need and there are no eligibility requirements.

We provide programs that strengthen women emotionally, spiritually and physically. Our distinct environment for women includes housing, community-based services and an outdoor adventure therapy program.  This unique combination of recovery housing and adventure therapy has historically been available only to those who could afford private, sober, housing facilities.  For the first time ever, WWF is blessed to provide this kind of program for women in reentry.  Our goal is to provide women with opportunities and skills to deal with difficult situations so they can draw upon their experiences in our programs to conquer those challenges.   We give women hope for their future and practical tools to bridge the gap between incarceration and self-reliance.

Women’s Wellness Foundation is a member of the Ohio Association for Non-profits and the Ohio Recovery Housing Network.

Our Mission

Women’s Wellness Foundation provides an alternative to recidivism for women leaving incarceration by providing transitional housing, basic hygiene and personal products, programs that focus on healthy relationships, education, employment and life skill resources and linkage. We provide a bridge to a second chance life of sustained hope and confidence. We believe women in reentry and recovery have unique challenges best addressed in a single-sex environment, conducive to honesty and openness, delivered by women who have overcome similar experiences.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that all women in reentry and recovery have access to basic needs and peer support services that remove barriers to a successful transition back to the community. We want to reduce the recidivism rate of women back to prison to zero.

Our Core Values

  1. We build WWF with people who have strong Christian faith and are committed to The Word of God.
  2. We act on the conviction that the women we serve will always be our first priority.
  3. We apply the highest standard of excellence in delivery of services and programs when we interact with the women we serve.
  4. Every person is treated with the same high level of respect and dignity.
  5. We go to extreme lengths to provide a safe and habitable environment for the women we serve and the staff who provides the services.

Meet The Team

  • Cynthia Rios, Executive Director
  • LeAngela Aitken, Board Chair
  • Gina Velez, Board Vice Chair
  • Terrie Carter, Board Secretary
  • Ellen Bruno
  • Theresa Medsker
  • Dawn Mroz
  • Patrice Quinton
  • Dorenda Swanson
  • Caroline Vanderpool